Who Do You Target With Your Marketing? Buyers Or Their Agents?

When we market, we are marketing to a target audience.  Do you know who you are targeting?  Many agents never think about that question before they decide where they will focus their efforts, or what and how they will say what needs to be said.

Who you target for any listing will determine how long it will take you to sell it.  Finding the right buyer is always a challenge, especially if the listing is “not typical” for your area.

The path of least resistance is right at our fingertips and so many agents do not take full advantage of it.  MLS is the one source that will sell every listing you have on your shelves, but you need to be prepared to co-broke.  Not every listing agent is focused on marketing to buyer agents.

MLS provides every listing agent with the ability to move property quickly and painlessly.  If the information in MLS is thorough with details that are specific to the needs of the buyer, and there are attachments that are informative and carefully generated, every buyer’s agent will be on your doorstep.  MLS is prime source for marketing to buyer agents, and they have the buyers!!

Agents who do not use MLS as it was designed to be used are making a grave error.   The path of least resistance when marketing is your MLS.  Post the maximum photos; use the remarks section properly; fill out every detail of the MLS form; use attachments for additional information; provide a virtual tour of the home and make the showing instructions “friendly.”  The path of least resistance always works best. 

The most important thought to remember is that it’s better to co-broke than go broke.  Many commissions have been lost because agents are not thinking properly.  Most buyers have a buyer’s agent and listing agents should be marketing to that agent.


About the Author:

Barbara Todaro is an award winning real estate agent with 35 years of experience and is the marketing agent for the Kuney-Todaro Team.  The Kuney-Todaro Team is continually recognized every month as a top producing team in New England, since its inception over 10 years ago.

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