“The Harder You Work The Harder It Is To Surrender”…Vince Lombardi

I’m a firm believer that if you keep working, business will surface. If you don’t stop, even if the results are not immediate, business will appear.

Our business usually comes in spurts. It’s either feast or famine, and going through a time of famine is never enjoyable. Periods of little or no business is frightening, for most of us.

Whenever I’m in a slump, I do double time. I pick up the pace and increase the volume. I’ll mail postcards more frequently; add additional blog posts each day; post on multiple sites every day, and do this seven days a week until business appears.

It’s a challenge that needs to be faced head on, and when one does aggressively address this period of being void, business will emerge. It’s a battle in which we each need to be ready to participate. We never know when the battle will happen, but when it does, there will never be a white flag waved from this side!!!

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About Barbara Todaro Kuney Todaro Team

The Kuney-Todaro Team is the "#1 team in Franklin's #1 office" RE/MAX Executive Realty. The team leaders are Barbara Todaro and Lorraine Kuney. Barbara is the marketing agent for the team.
The team is consistently ranked in the top 5 in New England and the top 3 in Massachusetts, and they are the very best in this immediate area. No one can compete with their production. The Kuney-Todaro Team sells more homes in Franklin MA than any other team.

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